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About Baharak Dehghan

“I was born in 1973 in Tehran, the crowded capital of Iran. As a child, I liked to make drawings all the time. In school, while teachers where lecturing, I secretly portraited of my classmates. I made also still life and fantasy drawings, with color pencil or water color.”

“When I turned fifteen, my parents chose to send me to art school. I look back on this period as the most wonderful time of my life. I experienced it as being very exceptional, to meet so many inspiring people. In art school we could share ideas about art, music, fashion and even politics. We had lots of fun visiting exhibitions and bookstores. Especially the illegal, underground bookstores, were very exciting. There, we could find “banned” art books, which also showed uncovered bodies in it. I was very interested in artists like Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Alberto Giacometti, Lucian Freud and Salvador Dali. Because art books in Iran are very expensive, I had to save money for months to buy one of these books.”

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